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Consumer Proposals, Filing for Bankruptcy & Credit Counselling

Finding the solution to your debt problems is not easy. While sometimes all that is needed is someone to listen, at other times a more formal step may be required. At Yanch, Dey & Associates Ltd. we’re dedicated to helping people find the right debt solution. Since 1970 we’ve helped people like you with consumer proposals, bankruptcy and credit counselling in in the GTA. Get your financial life back on track and. Call now appointments available today >

Consumer Proposals and Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is available to an honest but unfortunate person who is simply unable to pay their debts. The government regulates bankruptcies through a Licensed Insolvency Trustees. Our trustees prepare the bankruptcy documents and inform the people you owe that you cannot pay them. Collection calls and wage garnishments will stop.

You might consider filing for bankruptcy if:

  • You cannot pay the bills that you owe
  • Your monthly bills are more than your monthly earnings
  • You are receiving calls from collection companies for payment
  • Your wages are being garnished
  • Your financial problems are causing you stress
  • You have been threatened with legal action

If this describes your financial situation and you’d like discuss filing for bankruptcy or a consumer proposal give us a call >

Oshawa Bankruptcy and Consumer Proposal trustees helping Debtor

Consumer Proposals vs. Bankruptcy

A consumer proposal is where the Licensed Insolvency Trustee contacts the people whom you owe, and explains your situation. The trustee assists you in formulating an offer to pay your creditors something towards what you owe, but not the whole amount, to avoid bankruptcy. A proposal will usually reduce your unsecured debt by 50-70%. Some proposals may reduce your debt by even more.

The difference between a consumer proposal and filing for bankruptcy is that in a consumer proposal, you have sufficient income and can make payments but you need some help with the amount owed and the terms. In a consumer proposal the Licensed Insolvency Trustee can usually:

  • Save you thousands of dollars off what you owe,
  • Re-negotiate payment terms.
  • Avoid you filing for bankruptcy.

If this describes your financial situation call us today to discuss a consumer proposal. Our Licensed Insolvency Trustees can help you take the first step toward financial recovery.


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