Jul 02

Questions Before Claiming Bankruptcy

You make decisions almost every minute of your life. You hardly give much thought to the many minor decisions like what to eat for lunch or what shirt to wear for work. But when it comes to major, life-changing decisions, such as filing for bankruptcy, you need to pause and…
Jul 02

Misconceptions about Claiming Bankruptcy

House, car, and groceries—almost everything today can be bought through credit. With the availability of credit cards, buying almost anything with no real money to pay for your purchase has become a common trend. While there’s nothing wrong with paying with credit, most people don’t realize that it’s a double-edged…
Jul 02
Bankruptcy - What You Keep

Good Debt, Bad Debt and Bankruptcy

As a Licensed Insolvency Trustee, people often wish to discuss debt with me. They are concerned about their financial situation, and want to learn about what is a good debt verses a bad debt, and how it affects their financial future. In Canada, using debt properly has helped many people…
Jul 02

A Perfect Family Budget

After helping people with financial issues they sometimes ask me, what is budgeting, what is monthly budget and how do I set one up? People who live with constant financial stress want a family monthly budget as a way to solve their money problems. Reality tells us a family budget…
Jul 02
Garnishees | Wage Garnishees


Canadians are managing their personal finances better than in previous years. While last year's poll by the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) showed that 72% of Canadians were in debt, 49% of respondents said they have made big lump sum payments to creditors. The survey also reveals that those…